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Real, Authentic Change

Happy New Year! Yes, I know we are a week and a half in. The number one thought around this time of year for most of us is change. New year, new you. We often discuss and think out our new year's resolutions. We are making a decision to make an abrupt change to our lives. We have decided we will join a gym, or as I like to say, make a monthly gym donation. There is something about the beginning of the year that most people feel they get a chance to do it right; to start again. I agree with this, but I also feel that each day, each moment we get to start again. Perspective.

Perspective is something I mentioned last time. Where you are sitting in a theatre will determine your perspective. So is life. Where we are sitting, looking out on life will determine our view. I've got a get to chose your seat! Isn't that wonderful? You have to power to chose your perspective. Our viewpoint once shifted and changed (I know, scary word) will allow us to see things in a different way.

I say all this because every year we make a drastic decision to begin one day changing our behavior without any tools. I will often ask clients, "what does that look like?" I ask this because if we don't know what the end result looks like, how will we know we've arrived when we arrive.

Have a goal, not a resolution. It important to change how we see this idea. Healthy changes are important, but we must know where we are going and how to get there so that we can arrive.

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