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Coping With Grief

It feels so heavy. Just hearing the word conjures up a multitude of images mostly consisting of a person sobbing, spacing out or feeling numb after having expended so much energy, and yearning for the lost one. But did you know that grief can be experienced with any loss?

For example, grief can be a natural reaction when a person has recently voluntarily terminated an intimate relationship or the loss of just about anything meaningful... maybe even a job. There’s plenty of that going around right now. Maybe you lost a beloved pet or had a recent fall-out with a family member. Maybe you suffered the loss of dignity, choice, or ability to function as you did before… due to illness, removal of the privilege to drive, and so many other possibilities. The beauty of grief is that it is a cycle and can be worked through or better understood with a helping professional.

Being trapped in grief can lead to a complex syndrome that leads to a downward spiral leaving you wondering if you will ever ‘get back to normal’. This downward spiral also opens you up to personal threats of engaging in addictions (substances, excessive work, internet, etc.) in an attempt to temporarily avoid the heavy feelings grief brings.

Have you ever been told by close family or friends to "just get over it"? They likely have your best interest at heart but lack necessary skills to help you; perhaps they too hurt when you experience pain and don’t want to feel their own pain. You don’t have to ‘do’ grief alone… seek out a professional counselor… together we’ve got this.

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