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What to Expect

How long are counseling sessions?


Your first session is what we call an intake and this session is a bit longer than a normal session.  Normal counseling sessions are 50 minutes long.



How often will I be seen?

This will be decided between you and your therapist.  Most clients come to counseling sessions every week at the beginning of the process.  This initial period helps to begin the steps of creating actual change. 


What happens in a therapy session/what should I expect?


The first session you should expect to go through intake paperwork that gathers information from basic demographics to what brings you to counselling.  Sessions after the intake consist of building rapport with your therapist and working to reach your goals.


Will I get a diagnosis on the first session?

No. A diagnosis is not something that any of the therapists at Vista Counseling take lightly.  If a diagnosis is required for an outside entity please discuss this with your therapist.


Medication vs therapy/what is best?

Scientific research shows that medications, if necessary, along with therapy is the best treatment option. Your doctor or psychiatrist will manage your medication.


Will you write recommendations for court hearings?

This is between your and your therapist.  Extra fees will apply in this scenario.


How does payment work?

Vista Counseling does not accept insurance.  A rate is set between your and your therapist during your phone consultation or intake session.  We accept check, cash, or credit card.


Is telehealth an option?

Telehealth is always an option due to covid and our desire to reach out.


If I decide I want to change therapists how do I do that?


Choosing the right therapist is very much a personal preference.  It’s about what fits you and what feels right. Choosing a therapist is bigger than coming to Vista Counseling.  Choosing a counselor is choosing someone you can trust.

A first step of changing is to inform your therapist of your desire to change.  This could be do to time conflicts, personal preference, or lack of connection.  Your current therapist will give you three referrals to other therapists.  The referrals could be to other Vista Counseling therapists as well as other counseling services.   


Do I need to bring something with me or do I need to fill out paperwork ahead of time?

There is no need to bring anything with you to sessions.  Some people like to bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes during session. However this is a personal preference that is not required. 

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