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  • Nidal Pascoe, LPC-S, NCC


Updated: May 31, 2020

Have you ever had an over abundance of cords connected to your TV and all the other boxes that sit in your living room? I have it. I have a friend who lovingly calls it "cord cancer". It seems as if there is too many cords and they are usually too long and create a mess for children and animals to get lost in.

I have sat down and figured that they aren't all needed. many times, we have connected things a certain way because that is the way we were taught to do it or we've always done it that way.

This also happens in relationships. We often do things a certain way because we have always done it that way or were not taught a different way.

Yes, it is hard work to sit there and rewire all the unsightly cords for it to be out of the way, but just how you will more fully enjoy the view of your living area, if you take the time to rewire and connect in healthy more productive ways, your relationship will also bring more enjoyment to your life.

I encourage you all to rewire your relationships for your betterment.

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